Design Build Construction

At Pacific Power & Systems we love challenges.

That is probably the main reason we have a strange history of electrical innovation in Design Build Construction proposals and delivery formats. This experience is widespread across all forms of building types, clients, and sizes, including new construction and renovation.  Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Governmental, and P3 [Private Public Partnership] … we have examples in our collective PPS portfolio that speak to the needs of all facilities.

Unique applications or special constraints? Strong sustainability mandates? Let us work through them together.

This history includes positive solid relationships in the architectural, engineering, general contracting, project management, sub-contractor, manufacturer, supplier, and association affiliations. Give us the parameters mandated by the client and we will work hard as part of the DB Team to come up with a winning solution.

Let it also be stated for the record that at PPS “winning solution” is a “complete solution”. Far too often we hear from disillusioned building owners and general contractors who have been frustrated by a costly construction experience due to project scope gaps by their trade contractors. We at PPS work very hard to ensure there is detailed clarity in our proposals that capture the intended project requirements.

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