design build construction

Design Build Construction

At Pacific Power & Systems we love challenges. It’s our appetite for overcoming them that has created our strong history of electrical innovation in Design Build Construction. We have experience with all building types & sizes – both new construction & renovation.

pre engineered construction

Pre-Engineered Construction

At PPS we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients just what they have asked for in project plans and design specifications. But first we scrutinize those plans and specifications to ensure that we understand all the details, and we ask questions up front, to ensure clarity.

building modernization work

Building Modernization

Just as in our daily lives people are increasingly reusing and recycling things that would have been discarded a few years ago, so — on a larger scale — many organizations now realize that not just cans, bottles, and paper, but buildings too can be reused and recycled.

low voltage systems

Low-Voltage Systems

Just like you, PPS depends every day on being able to document, calculate, plan, and store a multitude of information types and formats. That information in turn may be printed, emailed, displayed, or presented in a great many ways, virtually all of which depend on low-voltage equipment.

emergency power systems

Emergency Power Infrastructure

Whether it was just momentary or a sustained power outage, the results can be equally disastrous. Production has stopped. Materials have been wasted. Data has been lost. Deadlines have been missed. Work must be re-done.

renewable energy solutions

Renewable Energy

Never in our modern history has there been such an appetite for and acceptance of sustainable “Green Energy”. Whether in the form of generation or consumption of power, PPS sees not only a market opportunity but a way to help ease the impact of energy use on our planet.