Pre Engineered Buildings Construction in California, USA

Pre-Engineered Construction

At PPS we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients just what they have asked for in project plans and design specifications. But first we scrutinize those plans and specifications to ensure that we understand all the details, and we ask questions up front, as appropriate, to ensure clarity.

Despite our wish to give clients just what they have requested, if we see the potential for optimized functionality, appearance, overall project savings, availability, improved life cycle, reduced maintenance, and/or future growth, we do not hesitate to recommend alternatives in both product selection and design.

Throughout each project PPS always devotes great energy to overall project coordination, administration, documentation, communication, scheduling milestones, and health and safety programs.

We are experienced in a wide range of projects, whether they are managed through General Contractors, Construction Managers, Consultants or Owners. Moreover, following project completion, we never say thank you and goodbye. We remain ready to return at a moment’s notice to troubleshoot any problems that might arise at a later date. In fact, we have an enviable record of gaining new clients thanks to our attention to ongoing electrical and communication needs that follow each project we complete.

In today’s construction climate, our Corporate Mission Statement clearly describes our approach:

Through the expertise of our team, we will provide our service to meet or exceed client expectations safely, on time, every time.

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